Buncombe County Deck Building Codes

The codes are based on the International Building Code and the International Residential Building Code, and deck railings and guards must meet or exceed the minimum requirements. However, the International Building Code and International Residential Building Code differ depending on whether the structure is a multifamily or single family structure..St deck RAILINGS. “minimum height when surface is ” above grade. lb concentrated load. lb concentrated load over sqft or balusters. lbf vertical and horizontal load along top rail. “maximum gap between deck and underside of bottom rail. “maximum gap between balusters. .Buncombe County residents outside Asheville city limits should call the Buncombe County Fire Marshal at . must comply with the North Carolina Building Code. Awning and Projecting Sign Requirements for Building Review Deck Construction Requirements..NC Deck Building Codes. Building a deck requires careful planning. Regardless of the material you use, you need to be aware that North Carolina has strict guidelines for deck building. NC Building Code Requirements for Decks. If you plan on building a deck on your own, we still recommened seeking the advice of a professional deck builder..

Footings shall be below the frost line ” in Buncombe County . EXCEPTION Stair or landing structures designed specifically to be set directly on the ground do not require footings as described above. Width Stairways shall not be less than inches in clear width. The .What you need to know before building an attached or free standing deck to your home Deck Construction Dryer Duct Requirements North Carolina Building Codes and North Carolina Mechanical Codes permit a metal dryer duct to penetrate a rated floor ceiling assembly..

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